♦  Vision:
A South Africa where potential will not go to waste.

This painting, a gift from Mrs Yvonne van Achterbergh, founding trustee and widow of the first Studietrust donor, Mr SM van Achterbergh, expresses well the Studietrust vision, especially when its date of production is taken into account. It was painted by a certain Francois in 1969. It is remarkable in that its subject is a Black woman who is portrayed as a dignified person. This represents a way of seeing that went against the grain of how Black women were seen and mostly portrayed at the time. It will continue to inspire us to see differently.Vision

♦  Mission:
Studietrust joins forces with selected young people who are determined to become winners and assists them to empower themselves through further education and training in the struggle against poverty, ignorance and exploitation.
♦  Goals:
Studietrust is an independent national bursary organisation based on Christian principles. Its business is:
•    to raise funds with the support of the private sector, individual donors, organisations, trusts and churches
•    to grant financial assistance (bursaries and loans) to carefully selected, deserving young people
•    to give motivational guidance and support to students towards fulfilling their potential and for the benefit of South Africa.