Your Guide to University Success | GRAD - page 9

(first term)
A whole new world
or most of us, university is very different
from high school. The campus is new and
strange. The classes are huge. The lecturers don’t
care whether you pitch up for class or do any
work. From being a top student, praised and
admired, you find yourself one of a crowd with
no special attention paid to you. You may not
be used to working with computers, which sud-
denly form part of every activity. You may have
to see to your own meals for the first time. You
have to manage your money, however much or
little you have. You are surrounded by strangers
who (perhaps) all seem to know what they are do-
ing and where they are going, while you feel lost.
Even for senior students a new year brings
disconcerting changes and challenges. The
quantity and the level of difficulty of your work
often increase dramatically. You may have to
find new accommodation. Some of your friends
may not have come back, making you doubt
whether you yourself can really make it.
In the next pages we will give you some prac-
tical tools to deal with your new circumstances.
Take a deep breath and relax. It is possible to get
through university successfully, even though it
may not seem that way at the moment. Thou-
sands have done it before you, and they were
just as lost in the beginning as you are now.
Hang in there.
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