Your Guide to University Success | GRAD - page 6

his book is mainly for first-years, but all students should
read it regularly.
You’ve managed to get to university. You’ve taken an
enormous step towards a life in which you can look after yourself and
your family, and help build South Africa.
Whenever you doubt yourself and your ability in the weeks and
months to come, always remember
what it took to get here
and, even
more importantly,
why you are doing it
Sit down quietly for a few minutes and reflect on the following:
What you’ve been through in the past weeks and months and years,
firstly to achieve the marks you did and then to find the funding
you needed to make it possible to register at university. This is an
achievement in itself. Never forget that!
Why you went to all that trouble. Many of the people around you
didn’t bother. Remember what spurred you on, first to study so
hard, and then to keep writing application after application for
bursaries or to find sponsors.
Think about where you’ve come from and
compare it with the dream of where your stud-
ies will take you. Draw a picture or write down
a sentence or two that will remind you of your
goal (or use the goal-setting tool on page 3).
Stick it up above your desk, or on the inside of
a cupboard door – somewhere where you will
see it regularly. That’s where you are going, no
matter what happens along the way. Always keep it in mind.
This guide is loosely based on the academic calendar and the breaks
in between. Of course this is not set in stone. Read the guide through
all in one go, or jump about from section to section, as you wish.
This guide is for YOU, to support you as much as we can so that you
become all that you can be.
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