Your Guide to University Success | GRAD - page 43

My dreams deserve the honoured kiss of reality
My dreams deserve to bask in the sunrise of success
To boldly say that they were once professed
In one too many prayers
In flooded rivers of tears of uncertainty
They were promised and confessed by empty stomachs, cold beds,
overwhelming fictionality and the promise of ‘soon the day will come’
When I adorn my dreams as a crown
And all the struggles that once were
Too heavy to bear
Will bow down.
My dreams deserve an awakening
True to the surreal realisation that I am the cup bearer, I am the courier and
I am the key, the kiss of a handsome prince that arouses the sleeping beauty
The royalty that is the aspiration for which I breathe
The oasis in a condemning desert of unbeaconed struggle, for which I seek
The eyes that behold, with which I see
And yes my dreams will surely see
The beautiful palm trees on the island of fruition
Sip on piña coladas of greatness
Walk on the sands of la dolce vita
Dive in the oceans of peaches and cream
And ride the tides of my blood sweat and tears, surfing the African dream.
I used to look to the stars, hoping for signs
Until my heart began beating to the rhythm of my goals
My eyes glimpsed the inherent yet inert greatness in the shadows
My ears heard the trumpets of accomplishment belted out to masquerades
of realised visions
And my mind besteered the gospel of insistent dreams
The very dreams that held my hand when I was sick
Strengthen and comfort me in times of need
The very dreams that made me seek He
And to give thanks for the air I breathe
And with each passing day I know that soon the day
Will come when I adorn my dreams as a crown
And all the struggles that once were
Almost too heavy to bear
Will bow down
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