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Help us to rewrite the future!
Ruda Landman’s Readers Unite is an organisation dedicated to
building a network of support for our university students.
A historic shift is happening in our country at the moment.
Thousands of families are sending children to university for the first
time ever, opening up the possibility of a completely different future
for them, and through them, for the country as a whole. As can clearly
be seen in the aftermath of the student protests of 2015, this requires
funding far beyond the reach of the majority of these families.
This is too large a problem for any single entity, even the
government. We believe that it should be a national project involving
every South African as an individual, and every company, however
big or small. No contribution is insignificant, whether it is R50 a
month from an individual (more if you can!) or a full bursary or two
sponsored by your company. A number of businesses are already on
board, providing one or more bursaries each. It is our goal to extend
this programme into a network covering the whole country.
As a nation, we cannot afford to let capable young people sit at
home, their abilities going to waste because we did not support them.
Please go to
and click on DONATE. We need
every cent you can give.
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