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4 Vosloo, M.M. & Blignaut, S.
From hero to zero … and back? The journey of first year access students in mainstream programmes.
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n research done by Marietjie Vosloo and
Sonja Blignaut for the Sasol Inzalo Founda-
they found that many students experi-
ence an identity crisis during the first term.
These were star students at school but at
university they suddenly could not cope. They
were overwhelmed by the workload and many
failed the first test and/or
examination. Their self-
confidence was utterly
destroyed. One of them
wrote the response on
the left.
third term
From hero to
zero – and
back again
I still can’t believe it. At school
maths was great. I had always
attained the highest marks
in the grade and had even
participated in external maths
competitions. Now I couldn’t
even pass … School maths had
in no way prepared me for
university maths.
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