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Consider your
Have you ever watched a flock of geese flying
across the open sky?
Like experienced cyclists,
they know the value of flying in formation.
They fly in a huge V, each one supported by
the slipstream (less resistant air) caused by the
wings of his or her friend just in front. In for-
mation they fly 71% further in any given time
than an individual bird would have done.
Now here’s a question for you: are your
friends flying in the same direction and towards
the same destination as you are? Do they share
your goals, your values, your priorities? If they
do you will build up a collective momentum
and drive, which will take all of you further
with less stress and less effort.
If, on the other hand, your goals lie in differ-
ent directions, you will find yourself constantly
battling against the flow of their energy. You
will tire yourself out physically and emotionally,
and you may never reach your goal, instead be-
ing pulled off course by the power of the group.
Studying in a
This is where theory becomes reality. Group
work is the main difference between school
and university, and it is good preparation for
your career one day. Join a serious study group
with people who are just as focused on success
as you are. And make sure it includes someone
more intelligent than you!
3 Adapted from Dr Lanette Hattingh and Ds Heinrich Claassen:
Natuurwysheid uit Afrika.
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