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s I write this note, I can’t believe that another year has in essence
gone past and that we now welcome a new year with its promises,
challenges, joys and tribulations.
Many of you have just completed Matric and joined the tertiary
world for your first year at university. You have left behind your school
uniforms, separated from family and friends, and been pushed out of
your comfort zones. Having been a full-time student at UCT at some
point in my life, I understand that the first six months at university can
be the most difficult as you navigate the transition from high school
life to varsity life, often in a foreign space altogether.
As daunting as this may seem, it represents a new beginning, a jour-
ney of self-discovery, learning and growth, a beginning where anything
you put your mind to can be achieved. Interestingly, new beginnings
often require something to end first, so it is by no surprise that many of
you have say to goodbye to high school life before you can begin with
tertiary life – all a sign of positive progress.
This new beginning represents the first pages of what promises to be
an exciting chapter of your life. As you begin this chapter, remember
that the road ahead will not always be smooth. And remember that the
end of the chapter, good or bad, is in your hands. So aim for a conclu-
sion that is positive and inspiring.
Irrespective of where you are in your academic journey, your
progress so far has confirmed one thing for me, that is, the first move
in getting somewhere in life is to take that first step aimed at moving
you forward. For this, I believe congratulations are in order: well done!
You ought to be congratulated because there are so many people who
fail – not because they are in any way inadequate but simply because
they fail to start or take the first few active steps towards success.
We at Investec are delighted to be part of this exciting part of your
journey by supporting this publication. Investec, through its social
investment efforts is committed to developing people so as to enable
them to become active economic participants in our society. It is our
hope that you will find this booklet to be a useful resource as you
negotiate your entry into university life and navigate the terrain over
the years.
Once again, I wish to congratulate you for having made it this far. I
am sure it has taken adaptability, hard work, dedication and, most of
all, resilience to get to this point – qualities that will stand you in good
stead going forward.
I wish you strength, health, wisdom and courage as you face the rest
of your academic journey.
Best wishes,
Setlogane Manchidi
Investec, Corporate Social Investments
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