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Apart from enough sleep, our brains and our
bodies need to relax (play time and connecting
time on the Healthy Mind Platter). If you have
worked hard all week, give yourself permission
to take Friday night off, to hang out with friends
on Sunday, or to play sport twice a week. Go to
a movie now and again. Read a novel. If you
plan your time, there will be enough of it.
Your brain needs to do other things as well, not
just work.
Stop thinking of sleep as a waste of time!
Your brain is busy processing what you learnt
the previous day and needs enough time for
that while you sleep. Think of sleep as “I am
studying by sleeping!” The same goes for exer-
cise: “I am studying by jogging!” Note that this
does not apply to watching series on television
or hours spent on Facebook …
We need sleep time Â
Regular sleep and
time to relax
Two elements that warrant extra emphasis are
getting regular sleep and taking time out to relax.
Research has shown that sleeping is neces-
sary to get rid of toxins in the body. It also
assists in figuring out difficult problems, to
help you understand and remember what you
are learning. Research also shows that students
who have slept 45 minutes longer than before,
are able to reason a lot better. Develop a regular
schedule – going to bed at the same time and
getting up at the same time. Avoid caffeine,
heavy meals and too much excitement immedi-
ately before bedtime. Baby books advise parents
to calm the child down before putting him or
her to bed. This works for adults too.
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