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University life is a “blast”. You have to choose
whether you want to go to lectures or not, study
or go for a movie, sit in the front of the class or
the back, eat healthy food or not, and the most
striking one for me is, do I just pass like everyone
else or strive to get the best grades?
Can you identify with that? On leaving home to
go to university, most of us look forward to be-
ing more independent and having the freedom
to make our own choices. But are you willing to
take responsibility for those choices?
If you are going to play the victim and blame
circumstances or other people for what happens
to you, you are going to get nowhere. You and
only you are the master of your fate.
1 Vosloo, M.M. & Blignaut, S.
From hero to zero … and back? The journey of first year access students in mainstream programmes.
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Here are the two questions that will
make the difference between success
and failure:
Why are you at university and
what is your goal
Are you willing to give whatever
it takes to attain that goal
Summer (first term)
The following was written by first-year students
as part of a research project:
When people say you have freedom, you really do
have freedom.
But, because this freedom comes with far too
much responsibility, at times I wish I never had
so much. We are thrust into a world, some not
willingly, into the real world that school has not
readily prepared us for. You have to continuously,
sometimes even unknowingly, make decisions
that will in some way impact on your future.
I learnt that lecturers do not really care if you
attend lectures or not, listen to them or not. They
are more than happy with just failing you. In uni-
versity, you are just a number. You can pull the
wool over the eyes of all, by getting people to sign
in for you, but in the long run you fool yourself.
So, no one is going to threaten you to go to class,
do your work or remind you when assignments
are due. In situations like this you wish you were
back at school … Learning to adjust to the real
world was the hardest and most life changing expe-
rience. Ultimately, in life, each man is for himself.
sword of freedom
The double
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