Apart from serving its bursary recipients with financial aid and mentor support, Studietrust renders the following services to companies and fellow public benefit initiatives:

♦    Selection of bursary recipients with the potential for further and higher education.
Over the years we developed a selection logarythm that allows us to identify applicants with academic potential and resilience. We receive more than 6000 bursary applications per annum.

♦    Bursary management and adminsitration
We make use of a bursary management system and online database that provides for accurate bursary contracting and the making and tracking of study cost related payments. Our bursary administrators regard bursary administration as the foundation of our mentoring engagement with bursars. The majority of our bursars are from poor backgrounds and appreciate being regarded as worthy of excellent and efficient service. Taking young people seriously is the best way of influencing them to take themselves and their careers seriously.

♦    Student mentoring and support

Our mentor and support programme has three pillars
     o  Attention: Personal interest in each individual bursar had always been the foundation of our approach to student support. Our campus visits once per semester allow us to guage how our bursars are doing and to arrange more intense counselling interventions where necessary.
     o  Community: Our peer mentor programme is based in the building of Studietrust communities on all campuses. The sense of belonging is a vital ingredient of the wellness of our bursars.
     o  Skills: We impart soft skills through peer group meetings, workshops and seminars. The student portal of this website contains guides and manuals on time management, goal setting, effective communication, stress management, etc.

We make extensive use of social media in the delivery of our mentor and support services.

♦    Exit Strategy

In 2010 the Studietrust Board adopted the bridging of the second gap – that between university and the world of work – as core business. We ran a pilot work readiness workshop in 2012 and are currently preparing a programme that will include making available to our bursars a network of entities that could facilitate vacation work and experiential learning opportunities, work readiness skills and eventually a talent management platform.

♦    Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
With just under 90% of its bursars being Black in terms of the BB-BEE codes, and a Level 1 BEE rating, Studietrust is well-positioned to partner with companies who want to ensure that their CSI contribution is spent in one of the most effective ways of engaging in Black economic empowerment.