Sponsored Bursary Programmes


The sub-menus provides information on StudyTrust's sponsored bursaries. A prospective student only has to submit one single application form. Each application will automatically be considered for all the bursaries for which a particular applicant qualifies. That means that an application for e.g. a FNB Fund bursary will also be considered for a StudyTrust access bursary and vice versa. You will however be required to indicate which is your first choice, E.g. "Investec"! 

StudyTrust awards sponsored bursaries based on academic merit, financial need and according to the sponsors requirements.

♦  Current Sponsors:

    AVI Bursary Programme• Coronation Fund Managers Bursary Programme
   • FNB Fund Bursary Programme• Investec Specialist Bank CSI Bursary Programme
   • Standard Bank Bursary Programmes
• Pick n Pay Employee Bursary Scheme

Annual closing date: 31 August for requesting forms and 30 September for submitting applications (physical, post and online).

Follow this link for information on the application procedure.